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We are your local choice for Lakewood Texas residential roofing including roof contractor, storm repair, hail repair and re-roofing.

It usually takes hail the size of about a golf ball or larger (2 inches) to seriously damage your roof.

As an Lakewood residential roofing contractor, our Lakewood Texas area roofing service is 100% professional and designed provide your home with a quality roof that provides trouble-free beauty and protection to your home for years to come!

When you need a quick response, trustworthy service and professional results, simply call us as (877) 772-7581 for your free roofing bid.

Lakewood Roofing ChecklistOur professional roofing standards fully meet the checklist of what to look for in the right roofing company for you:

  • 5 Year Workmanship Guaranteed
  • All roofs hand nailed
  • Licensed in your Texas
  • Lifetime LED Pipe Flashing
  • Length of Time In Business
  • List Of Past References
  • Free help with insurance claims
  • Licensed adjuster on staff
  • Local work crew
  • Liability insurance
  • Worker compensation in Lakewood
  • Locally owned business
  • Member in good standing with bbb
  • Reference from supplier

Dallas' TX, Lakewood Hail Damage Repair from local storms

Lakewood neighborhood in Dallas Texas is notorious for our recent hail storm from June 2012, but the result is that your roof has taken a substantial beating. We know how to quickly assess and repair both residential roof hail damage as well as commercial building roof hail damage.

To speak with our Lakewood Texas Roof Repair Professionals, Certified Hail Damage Roof Inspector simply call (877) 772-7581, you will be provided a clear process to maximize your claim as well as a positive approach to prepare your call to the insurance company, including proven language to use with the adjuster that will set the stage for maximum insurance funding.

As a leading Lakewood Texas Roof Repair and Hail Damage Repair firm since 2008, The Roofing Specialists provide a variety of Lakewood Texas area roofing contractor and extensive roofing repair services with unique programs and solutions to meet your local roofing needs. Our roofing specialists are recognized for their quick and organized Hail Damage Reports and insurance claim negotiation solutions that respond to the time-sensitive nature of hail damage roof restoration.

Customer Roofing Customer SatisfactionWhen we repair your home or building roof, know that our products, installations, and construction services are guarded by our warranty, offering valuable peace of mind not available with lesser Lakewood hail damage companies. We make it as smooth as possible to get your roof repaired quickly and the right way.

We are just a call away at (877) 772-7581 and our storm and hail roofing specialist will inspect your roof in person, advise you on the best materials and options, and even guide you through any home insurance questions you may have.

Our Lakewood Roofing Hail Repair Specialist welcomes your call at (877) 772-7581.

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